Good Vibes & Gratitude.

This post is for Y O U. The good vibes, you’ve been sending Bowern Luxury Yoga Mats and supporting our journey are about to be rebounded right back to you. I’m such a big believer in the more you give in life, the more you receive. So, to be honest, I’ve been blown away by the response I’ve received especially in the last year.So many people have reached out and shared their thoughts, dreams and also fears of walking a similar sometimes crazy roller coaster ride. Especially one that requires you to believe in yourself.  It has honestly been incredible few months, I have a feeling it is only the very, very beginning and also a high-five to get my ass into high-speed gear and keep going.It’s incredible what you can achieve, when you realise where you are is no longer where you want to be.There is also incredible power in gratitude, it’s like an instant switch from what it lacking to how awesome you are doing. I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped in some way. Words of wisdom, shared cups of tea, wine or introduced me to someone who can help on the journey.For the late nights, early mornings, words of enthusiasm. People close to me and others I barely know, you are all rock.THANK- YOU!So, on here, hopefully I can inspire you to walk a path true to you and you can follow this journey.. where ever it leads. For now, the sun is delicious, soak it up, grab your Bowern and head to your favourite outdoor spot.Nothing like some sunshine, salt water & yoga to brighten your day.

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Devine Mist // Yoga Mat Spray & Body Mist.

We're so excited to introduce our latest creation - Devine Mist Yoga Mat Spray & Body Mist. In collaboration with Cedar and Stone, Devine Mist fuses 73% organic ingredients to open your heart and clean your luxury yoga mat. Devine Mist is perfect to spray across your face & body and breathe in relaxing lavender, rose geranium, and passionflower. Heart-opening, uplifting & cleansing. Devine Mist uplifts your senses and opens your heart to the possibilities of life. Spray onto your Bowern Yoga Mat & wipe over to freshen and clean your luxury yoga mat. Devine Mist honours your mind, body & spirit to connect you deeper to your heart. Devine Mist - $30.00

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What Do You Love?

Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? Or making love at midnight ... da da da da da da.What do you love? I mean what gets you so excited that you jump out of your skin and grin from ear to ear just thinking about all those things you love?I have a funny little notion that all those things you love ... are a part of who you are. I use to hide all the loves of my life, the ones that weren't cool, the ones that no-one else loved, the ones that were my life. Why? Because I would stand out like a weird, hippie-loving, pink, always dreaming kind of gal. What do you love?And what if all the things I love aren't cool - maybe I'm (gasp) not cool? The thought of being uncool was heart breaking at that age. So I started to hide all of this uncool things from the world ... until I realised one major thing in my shift to adulthood. I was hiding me from the world. So, as my story goes, I changed pretty much everything and brought all those things I love back into the spotlight with glistening lights and an epic Disney tune. And I stepped back into the light with my long list of loves.Rosé champagne, crystals, Minions (all of them), turquoise jewellery, The Collective Hub, chai lattes, getting lost in cities I don't know, silence in the mountains after fresh snow has fallen, being silly, my incredible family and all my friends who pretty much are my family, rom coms from the '80s, Ernest Hemingway, the ocean, dancing, Spanish soap operas, Paris, not being busy, romanticism, dreaming and doing those things I never thought I could and the list goes on.And you know what.. everything I love is cool, because (shock) I think it's cool.What do you love? And what are you hiding from the world, just to fit in? If you want to dye your hair purple and wear candy striped tights, do it - because it's WHO YOU ARE.I caught up with an old friend today. It was 9:30am and this suave-talking Italian barista offered us rose instead of coffee and because we both love rose ... it was a no brainer.What do you love? Hint: if you don't know, start looking around and figuring it out.And it won't be so much as figuring it out; it will be more like remembering the young you who loved everything so much.Find everything, from the uncool to the non-trendy and the weirdly out-there things that make up you. Find them, do them, rediscover them, love them all over again and put them - and you - back in the spotlight.x

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You know the feeling when your heart starts racing the moment before you move into a new direction.You have a choice to make, and you move forward but you have no idea where you are going.Leap.You feel frozen in the moment, your body heavy, and your mind thinks of one million reasons to stay.But trust me, leap.As the saying goes, you only need 10 seconds of insane courage.And when you leap once, you'll keep leaping and moving forward... again and again.You just need the courage to take one step, because the universe will give you two.Don't believe me? I'm living proof and so is anyone who is following their dream.I launched Bowern at the Wanderlust Festival on Bondi Beach. I presented a collection of yoga mats I'd spent months planning and designing. The only opinions I had were those of my family - my loving, supportive family who still hang my finger paintings on the fridge.We set up at 5am, and watched the sun rise over the horizon before the thousands and thousands of Sydney locals hit Bondi Beach for Wanderlust 108.Here I was waiting and feeling strong (leaning on a crutch) and confident (ok, partially petrified).A dream and a leap. 10 seconds of insane courage.And guess what, Bowern sold out. I took the one step, and the universe handed me a few metres.So, here is the sign to begin.Start the business you've dreamed of, take the acting class you've always wanted or, hell, save your pennies and move to Italy asap if the land of passion & food is calling you.Take one step and then another and another.And eventually you'll find the flow and the leaps will be more like manageable steps until your dreams get bigger.Just find the 10 seconds of insane courage and leap.The plan doesn't need to be finalised. I'm changing mine all the time.Just make sure yours is full of leaps.Dx

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