You know the feeling when your heart starts racing the moment before you move into a new direction.You have a choice to make, and you move forward but you have no idea where you are going.Leap.You feel frozen in the moment, your body heavy, and your mind thinks of one million reasons to stay.But trust me, leap.As the saying goes, you only need 10 seconds of insane courage.And when you leap once, you'll keep leaping and moving forward... again and again.You just need the courage to take one step, because the universe will give you two.Don't believe me? I'm living proof and so is anyone who is following their dream.I launched Bowern at the Wanderlust Festival on Bondi Beach. I presented a collection of yoga mats I'd spent months planning and designing. The only opinions I had were those of my family - my loving, supportive family who still hang my finger paintings on the fridge.We set up at 5am, and watched the sun rise over the horizon before the thousands and thousands of Sydney locals hit Bondi Beach for Wanderlust 108.Here I was waiting and feeling strong (leaning on a crutch) and confident (ok, partially petrified).A dream and a leap. 10 seconds of insane courage.And guess what, Bowern sold out. I took the one step, and the universe handed me a few meters.So, here is the sign to begin.Start the business you've dreamed of, take the acting class you've always wanted or, hell, save your pennies and move to Italy asap if the land of passion & food is calling you.Take one step and then another and another.And eventually you'll find the flow and the leaps will be more like manageable steps until your dreams get bigger.Just find the 10 seconds of insane courage and leap.The plan doesn't need to be finalised. I'm changing mine all the time.Just make sure yours is full of leaps. Love  The Bowern Team

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Golden Coast

Escape ... to your heart. Escape to where your heart beckons, where the air you breathe seeps deeper into your lungs and where you come back to you. A getaway to this place is where you go and return feeling re-inspired and re-energized, and reverse back into you.Just have the courage to follow the stirring - I did. Lately, I've found myself escaping more and more to the southern end of the Gold Coast.The expansive beaches, slower pace and relaxed vibes ... they are calling me. Maybe you didn't know, perhaps I hadn't mentioned before, I'm actually a Gold Coast girl at heart and there's something about this place that keeps pulling at my heart strings.(Or maybe it's my new gorgeous nephew Henry, who will probably get a blog post dedicated to him in the future. The obsession is real.)For now, I thought I'd dedicate a few words to this place that is nestled somewhere between my heart and soul.The beach can be yours every morning; you'll only pass a few souls on the way (if any), and all you'll leave are your footprints on the sand.The crashing of the waves dissolves the crazy thoughts circling in your mind, and if you sit and soak in the water swirling around, you might just hear a few sounds you haven't heard in a long time.The vibrant blue sky is not filled with chaos and high-rises, merely clouds sweeping by.After a walk, you'll probably want a dip. In winter, the water sits around a cool 20 degrees, but jump in - I promise you won't regret it, because you'll kick around, and your body will adjust and feel invigorated. And the sun - which is always around on the Gold Coast, even if it's tucked behind a cloud - will warm you right up. You'll probably get hungry at this point, so if you're around the area I'm talking about, head to Tugun.I have a few favorite spots to find a cozy corner and catch up with lost friends. I sometimes even run into the guy I used to have a crush on when I was 15. (Seriously.)My first favorite spot is Good Day.It has the best toasted sandwiches I have ever, ever eaten! Think of bread toasted to the perfect crispness, add smoky ham, a dash of chili and a medium (not too thick, not too thin) layer of cheese oozing across a layer of sweet onion mustard. Serious perfection. And it doesn't even contain avocado. Oh, and they are also about coffee - it's seriously delicious.Second is House of Hubert.This place is a mix between the Hamptons & Bahamas yet located in Tugun. Imagine velvet green couches, wooden tables, mixes of gold and brass, and a spot outside to catch the sunshine, even on a cool winter's day.Oh yes, and because you are here for the food, let me tell you that it's delicious and 100% gluten free (which suits me perfectly). If you prefer to feel light and bright, a green bowl is the way to go, or the bacon and egg bagel on a Saturday morning hits the spot. And the owners are pretty sweet as well.Now I've let you in on this little secret, I hope you go. If you do, prepare to fall back into your heart and come alive again. This place does something to you. Love  The Bowern Team

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Expect More

Expect More “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.”Forrest Gump had it right: life is a beautiful mystery.Just like dipping your hand into the box and unravelling a mysterious flavoured chocolate.Sweet, salty, gooey, or maybe a turkish delight flavoured chocolate that will have me screwing up my face in disgust and spitting it in the bin, questioning whether I ever want to put my hand back in the chocolate box.We can never truly know what tomorrow will bring.Yet we spend so much of our time planning, so we can predict what it will bring.A little insane, right?Maybe there's comfort in knowing where tomorrow leads or where you think it does anyway.Don't get me wrong; some planning is necessary, to work in with life's schedules etc.But do you plan so much that there's no room for the magic of the universe to weave in an unexpected surprise?We are so afraid of the unknown, so afraid of leaving a day free without any plans, that we plan so we can predict.And then we complain about the mundane day ahead.You see, the universe is purely responding to you.Giving you exactly what you want.Let me ask you this... do you wake up every morning and run through the day in your head before you've even rolled out of the covers?“Get dressed, eat some breakfast, walk out the door, catch a bus, pass the same buildings, go to a coffee shop, get a coffee, roll into work, log in, open your emails...”It's not even 7:03am and your mind has just run through the exasperated day ahead.How would you describe it? Same same, boring, disconnected, predictable, draining, lacking stimulation, robotic?Lightbulb moment: these are the vibes you give to the universe and... guess what?You get exactly what your mind asks for. You get the same as the energy you put out every single morning.So really, you should be thanking the universe.It's giving you exactly what you want! How's that for predictable?So, here's a little tip: start the day expecting more.Rise with a slice of gratitude and declare, “Something new and exciting is going to happen today!”Stay present every moment, open your arms to the day and expect the unexpected. And maybe, day by day you'll be uncovering these new and exciting things.You'll be attracting new and exciting people you never could have imagined meeting before.So, from me to you...Start asking for more, expecting more from the universe.If you don't rise, how can the universe rise to meet you?And it might just take your breath away.   Love  The Bowern Team

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