Same Brand, New Vision

Exciting News: Bowern Welcomes New Owners, Cassie and Michael Zorko.

We're thrilled to unveil the new duo behind Bowern - Cassie and Michael. With four lovely daughters in tow, Cassie and Michael bring a wealth of experience, boasting a collective 35 years in the realm of wellness and fitness.

Their passion for holistic living and commitment to empowering others are the driving forces behind their vision to elevate into an exclusive haven for all things wellness.


In the forthcoming weeks and months, brace yourselves for a cascade of thrilling announcements as we unveil groundbreaking partnerships set to not only propel the Bowern brand to new heights but also offer you an expanded array of avenues to embark upon or continue your wellness odyssey.


Yet, dear friends, we're not just about broadcasting our message; we're eager to hear from you! Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions are the lifeblood of our community.


Drop us a line at, and rest assured, each email will be met with genuine consideration. Need to hash it out over a call? We're all ears! Let's collaborate to shape Bowern into the wellness oasis of your dreams.


Thank you for your continued support.


Love, The Bowern Team

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