Letting Go

"The truth will set you free."

One of the oldest quotes is one of the most potent. 

Especially if you are feeling heavy and out alignment, allow yourself to express this through words, movement, creativity and play.

We always find the truth is heavy to carry because it's meant to be expressed, not held and hidden within you.

So, here is a little reminder for you to let go of whatever you are holding onto and set yourself free.

We've created a little letting go ceremony for you to express your truth in whatever way you feel to.

1. Find a quiet corner or favorite spot in nature.

2. Roll out your favorite Bowern Mat.

3. Light a candle or incense and set the intention to let go of the heaviness you feel.

4. Take three deep breaths to settle into the moment.

5. Allow your minds-eye to focus on the heaviness you are feeling.

6. Allow yourself to feel and truly let go. 

7. Know you are supported to move forward.


This practice is a beautiful way to support yourself in express your truth and letting go of whatever are holding onto, so you can feel free and light again.

It's always here - 


The Bowern Team




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