Sauna Steamer XL


Sauna Steamer XL

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Introducing our Sauna Steamer XL – the latest innovation in sauna technology. Elevate your relaxation and rejuvenation with this larger and more powerful version of our popular Sauna Steamer. With a larger 4L capacity, 18 temperature levels, and a 120-minute timer, the Sauna Steamer XL is designed to provide you with a customisable and immersive sauna experience like never before.

Experience the luxury of faster and hotter sauna sessions, thanks to the XL's larger hoses that deliver an increased flow of steam into your sauna tent. Achieve your desired level of warmth and relaxation effortlessly, with the expanded temperature range that caters to all preferences, from gentle therapeutic heat to more intense sauna sessions.

The intuitive remote control makes managing your sauna environment a breeze. From adjusting the temperature to setting the timer, create your ideal sauna atmosphere without leaving your relaxation spot. The user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience every time you indulge in a personalised sauna session.

Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth and health benefits of a personalised sauna experience with the Sauna Steamer XL. Designed for comfort, convenience, and maximum performance, this steamer is the perfect companion for our sauna tents, providing you with a sanctuary of relaxation within the comfort of your own home.