Praiano - Bowern Luxury Yoga Mat
Praiano - Bowern Luxury Yoga Mat
Praiano - Bowern Luxury Yoga Mat


Praiano Luxury Yoga Mat

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Praiano Luxury Yoga Mat is designed for those who love to savor the bursts of beauty in life.  Praiano Luxury Yoga Mat is inspired by the vibrant Bougainvillea set amongst the deep, blue ocean along the Mediterranean coastline. It's perfect for all styles of yoga & your favorite pilates. And the greater you sweat, the greater your grip. Also great for general exercise classes, or when you want to more inspiration for your movement.
  • Made of recyclable rubber with a micro-fibre suede top.
  • We’ve made sure there is no latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or nasties so your practice stays as authentic as you.
  • Carry/stretch strap included.
  • 178 x 61cm, 2.2kg, 3mm thick. 
  • Free Shipping Australia wide.
Care Instructions: The designs are UV protected against the harsh sun, so the print does not fade. You can place Luxury Yoga Mat in the washing machine for a gentle cold wash or lightly sponge and hang in the sun to dry. (Do not put in dryer or use any detergent).