Our Dreamer.

Bowern began by listening to the whisper's of my heart. One paint stroke here, another one there and an insatiable desire to always follow the beat of my own heart. Each Bowern Yoga Mat collection reflects a chapter in my journey, every Bowern Yoga Mat has its own unique story and has been created from the pages of my heart. Yoga has always been my gateway to the soul & the more I connect to my heart, the more I am free to be me.
This is my dream for every beautiful soul who comes across Bowern. I want you to step into the space of your heart & flow freely with the essence of you. 
The Bowern Luxury Yoga Mats are eco-conscious and designed to allow you to flow with the movements of life. Ever Bowern Yoga Mat is infused with love and the essence of you to continue your heart-lead life.
With Love,
Danielle Bowern