Expect More

Expect More

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.”

Forrest Gump had it right: life is a beautiful mystery.

Just like dipping your hand into the box and unravelling a mysterious flavoured chocolate.

Sweet, salty, gooey, or maybe a turkish delight flavoured chocolate that will have me screwing up my face in disgust and spitting it in the bin, questioning whether I ever want to put my hand back in the chocolate box.

We can never truly know what tomorrow will bring.

Yet we spend so much of our time planning, so we can predict what it will bring.

A little insane, right?

Maybe there's comfort in knowing where tomorrow leads or where you think it does anyway.

Don't get me wrong; some planning is necessary, to work in with life's schedules etc.

But do you plan so much that there's no room for the magic of the universe to weave in an unexpected surprise?

We are so afraid of the unknown, so afraid of leaving a day free without any plans, that we plan so we can predict.

And then we complain about the mundane day ahead.

You see, the universe is purely responding to you.

Giving you exactly what you want.

Let me ask you this... do you wake up every morning and run through the day in your head before you've even rolled out of the covers?

“Get dressed, eat some breakfast, walk out the door, catch a bus, pass the same buildings, go to a coffee shop, get a coffee, roll into work, log in, open your emails...”

It's not even 7:03am and your mind has just run through the exasperated day ahead.

How would you describe it? Same same, boring, disconnected, predictable, draining, lacking stimulation, robotic?

Lightbulb moment: these are the vibes you give to the universe and... guess what?

You get exactly what your mind asks for. You get the same as the energy you put out every single morning.

So really, you should be thanking the universe.

It's giving you exactly what you want! How's that for predictable?

So, here's a little tip: start the day expecting more.

Rise with a slice of gratitude and declare, “Something new and exciting is going to happen today!”

Stay present every moment, open your arms to the day and expect the unexpected.

And maybe, day by day you'll be uncovering these new and exciting things.

You'll be attracting new and exciting people you never could have imagined meeting before.

So, from me to you...

Start asking for more, expecting more from the universe.

If you don't rise, how can the universe rise to meet you?

And it might just take your breath away.



The Bowern Team

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