Want to be part of an inspiring morning to stretch and invigorate the mind, body and soul? Dive into your heart, listen to what it desires and be inspired by those who live life by the beat of their own pulse?

Join us for Bowern's first Pop-up Yoga Event with one incredible soulful twist. We're hosting a one-hour Vinyasa Yoga class on Bowern Yoga Mats followed by soulful chats with some very inspiring women.

We'll dive into an open-hearted discussion with Connie Chapman, Gemma Pranita and Danielle Bowern discussing the journey of tuning into your hearts desires and the rollercoaster of following your dreams.

Life Coach and heart driven speaker, Connie Chapman inspires others to strengthen their intuition and make life choices by listening to your heart.

Gemma (Peanut) Pranita is a story-teller & talented shutter bug who has discovered her dreams not once, but twice, with an inspiring story of following the heart and pivoting when times get tough.

The morning will be inspiring, honest, uplifting and a whole lot of fun. If you're finding yourself at a cross-roads, a little unclear of your next step and want to listen to your heart, come along and tap in to some incredible advice from these inspiring women.

All attendees will receive a beautifully crafted treat bag (valued over $100 of goodies) with a special surprise to celebrate the inspirational morning. We can't wait to see you at #findingthemagicwithin