Our Founder


Life; it doesn't come with a manual or a pre-written plan. The only guidance come from those who have walked before you. 
Unless, you dare to stop, listen to yourself and ask:
“What is my path? Where is my path leading? What is my heart whispering?"

Bowern was my heart's navigation left when I was going right. And right, was a career in Television as a Presenter & left hadn't even been written.
The only thing I trusted was the feeling of expansion.
Everything about Bowern was my heart & soul screaming; Yes.
It began with watercolours in the park, a dream, a lot of leaping into the unknown,  catch-ups with new friends and now Bowern is flying.
It was never part of my plan to create conscious luxury yoga mats. And not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined Duke & Duchess of Sussex sitting on Bowern Yoga Mats or Alexander Wang showcasing Bowern Yoga Mats in his Paris Fashion Show. All of this has happened since I began following my heart.
So, I dare you to step on a Bowern Yoga Mat and begin your journey, into your heart.. it will change your life— it changed mine.
Do you dare? To go left?It's your time now, it's your turn.
Leave everything you've ever known to be guided on your path by a feeling.. crazy?
IT'S NOT.It's the way we've always been.Our intuition is our greatest leader.
Trust yourself.You were born to fly.It's time for you to be lead by your soul.
Bowern.. it's for the soul'd.
Danielle. xx